My name is Terri Shanks, and I am an Independent Funeral Celebrant. I live in Worthing, and conduct funeral services throughout the Sussex Area.

Photograph of Terri Shanks, Independent Celebrant You may have come across my website by chance or you may have been given my details from a Funeral Director, I am aware however, that my first contact with you comes at a time that is probably difficult and painful. I hope that together we will be able to create a beautiful and fitting funeral service for your loved one whom you may have recently lost.

People coping with bereavement are not always fully aware of many of the funeral choices available. Often they gratefully accept whatever suggestions are made and do not realise they could have done it differently until afterwards.

Most people are only ever offered a funeral service either conducted by a Religious Minister or the more atheistic outlook offered by a Humanist Officiant. However in today’s modern world, many people are developing their own ideas and philosophies on life & religion, and therefore neither a religious nor atheist funeral particularly reflects their personal beliefs about both life and death.

Many clients start off by saying that the person who died was not religious and did not go to church, and yet many still want an element of spirituality without the restraints of a traditional religious approach. I can of course offer a funeral where by religion is not referred to at all, but on other occasions it may be appropriate to include some religious or spiritual elements such as hymns, blessings or meditations.

These individual life centred funeral ceremonies are for those who want something more personal and meaningful than that of a traditional service.

Far from being sombre and sad, the Ceremonies I create are positive and uplifting – because they focus on life and not on death. You will find great comfort in providing a ceremony such as the person who has died would have wanted.

Each ceremony I conduct is individually written from start to finish, honouring the person who has died, in a dignified and fitting tribute, focusing on everything that made them special and unique.

On most occasions I will meet with the family to discuss and create the most appropriate kind of funeral ceremony (although if the next of kin live a long distance away, this can also be done via telephone, email or fax) I will discuss your wishes and ideas with you, and together create a service that is tailor made to the individual whose funeral is to take place.

You may want family and close friends to participate in the service, by means of readings, poems, live music, or personal tributes. There are no set rules to this. I welcome and encourage those who wish to take part, to express their own sentiments and say goodbye in ways that have significance for themselves and all those present.

You may try and include more unusual ways of marking your loss that are meaningful to you and inclusive of everyone. This makes each ceremony different and individual.

This maybe by releasing white doves or balloons after the service or I have even seen a whole crematorium filled with friends and family blowing soap bubbles.

Horse drawn funeral hearse with white carriage

Whatever your personal wishes are for the funeral service, please feel free to discuss them with me.

Terri Shanks

Mobile: 07964 285467

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